Hamilton and Sons Firearms

475 S. Airpark Rd, Suite 1
Cottonwood, AZ 86326


​Monday - Friday, 10 am to 5 pm

​ph. 928-300-4561


475 S. Airpark Rd, Suite 1
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

​Tue - Fri, 10 am to 3 pm

ph 928-300-4561

Artillery Manufacturing and Restoration


Hamilton Firearms proudly offers the following services:

Transfer Services for firearm buyers -


Buy your gun online or from another seller and have it shipped to our store and we will handle the BATF transfer process. The following fee schedule applies to all transfers:

     • Title I transfers (General gun purchases such as single shot and semi-auto firearms)

          - $30.00 general public 

          - $20.00 for LE, EMT, Military, First Responders  


     • NFA transfers (ClassII and Class III, etc., such as short barrel rifles, suppressors, full-auto firearms)

          - $100.00

Machine Gun Rentals -

We rent a wide variety of magazine-fed and belt-fed automatic weapons to qualified individuals. Please call our store to request prices for machine gun rentals.


    pleas call for a list and detail


Restorations -

Hamilton Firearms specializes in performing a wide variety of antique, relic, military surplus, and artillery restoration projects, from a vintage pocket Derringer to World War II Howitzers. However, restorations involve a wide variety of particulars based on customer preferences, and many collectable firearms can lose a lot of value by being "restored". Please inquire to us directly regarding our restoration services so that we can discuss the particulars of your project and advise you accordingly.

Custom Rifle Builds -

Hamilton Firearms can build a custom rifle to your exact specifications. We mostly build custom rifles based on the following platforms, but we can also taylor our rifle building services to your specific platform that may not be listed below. Note: properly licensing and administrative fee requirements may apply.

     • All Stoner platforms, such as: 

        - AR-15

        - AR-10

        - M-16

        - M-4

     • All Kalashnikov platforms, such as: 

        - AK-74

        - AK-47​

        - Saiga shotgun

     • Ruger 10/22

     • All precision rifle platforms, such as:

        - Remington 700 action

        - Savage 10 series

     • All shotgun platforms, including: 

        - Remington 800 series

        - Mossberg 500 series


     ....and much more. Please call for details.