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Artillery Manufacturing and Restoration

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Hamilton and Sons Firearms

475 S. Airpark Rd, Suite 1
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​​Hamilton Firearms has been proudly serving the needs of shooters and gun collectors in the Sedona and Verde Valley area for over 15 years. 

While Hamilton Firearms is a full-service gun store, providing sales, service, repairs, consignments, and transfers. We are also long-time military history buffs with an active interest in the artillery and heavy weapon systems that were commonly used during the WWII era. Many of these pieces still exist in various markets and private collections, but have been "de-milled" in accordance with federal law that renders them inert or inoperable, and thus able to be sold on the open market as relics.

"To put it short... Hamilton Firearms is REALLY into big guns!"

With the proper federal licensing (Type 10 DD and Type 20 FEL) it is possible to restore such pieces to full functioning status and to manufacture and fire live ammunition from heavy artillery weapons. The prospect of owning and firing a fully functioning artillery piece appeals to war historians and historical societies, film production studios, military re-encactment groups, gun enthusiasts, veterans groups, and people who simply love the thrill of big machines that go BOOM!

About 15 years ago Hamilton Firearms acquired the necessary Federal Firearm licensing which allows us to legally restore de-milled artillery pieces, and manufacture the various caliber artillery shells and projectiles that were commonly used in German, American, Finnish, and Russian heavy weapons.

Many of these historic pieces come from military surplus storage sites, but some come from private collectors and museums who originally acquired them in "de-milled" condition. Hamilton Firearms specializes in restoring them piece by piece to their original appearance and functioning condition, and since ammunition for these weapons is no longer produced or available for sale, Hamilton Firearms manufactures the highly specialized ammunition and large artillery shells specific to each make and model gun. 

Please take the time to view many examples of our work in our photo and video galleries. For further information, please call or use our contact page to send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.